Soccer with Values

Soccer with Values is an initiative of the Heart Ministry for Honduras, which was born with the intention of taking the gospel to a sector of the population of Honduras that in recent years has been strongly affected by violence from gangs, organized crime , family violence among others. The violence and lack of opportunities means that every year hundreds of minors leave the country and head towards destinations to the north, often without being accompanied by adults. According to a report by UNICEF and the Observatory of Violence of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), the number of child murders increased from 434 in 2014 to 570 in 2015.

Promote sports as a tool for the education of young people in Values.

Prepare teams with coaches and players that influence and inspire people to grow fully.


  • LOVE: Love for God and young people is our motivation
  • COMMITMENT: Commitment is our method
  • DISCIPLINE: Discipline is our goal